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Hi friend! These are just some of my thoughts about design.

My Design Philosophy
These are the principles I apply when I approach new projects!
Good design is experienced, not only seen
  • I believe in a good design, the user engages with a selection of features that allow them to reach their end goal easily.
  • Good design isn’t only what the user sees. It includes seamless interactions, information architecture, social media interaction, etc.
Designers are not users
  • One of the ways that I’ve been trying to better empathize is to always refer to user research and user testing. This helps ground my assumption in reality.
Decisions need to be data-driven
  • Whether it is quantitative data or qualitative data, design decisions should be made thoughtfully and carefully through careful review of data and not personal opinion.
My Why
I love design because I believe it’s the ultimate equalizer for anyone who genuinely wants to learn and build their skills. The people and the culture it promotes lights me up because I love the creativity and human component of design. I’m unique because I’m able to view design problems from a data analytics perspective and I would leverage my understanding of data to make more informed design decisions.
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