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Interned at a self-development company that allows organizations and individuals to improve collaboration to increase productivity and workplace happiness.



This past summer I was an intern at CreateCapsule. CreateCapsule offers various solutions to help support soft-skills development for individuals and organizations.

  • Conducted and analyzed multiple user interviews to get user feedback and ideated product strategy 

  • Created designs to help students to track their mood throughout their days  

  • Created desktop designs for data analytics for the professor 


The 10-week process included secondary research, user interviews, ideation, wireframing, user-testing, and prototyping.  After doing the necessary research, I defined how I was going to organize my process. After multiple iterations, I was able to create a solution that was widely approved.


Before, the user experience for the professor's dashboard was difficult to navigate and unintuitive. My team was tasked to talk to users and figure out how to improve the interface and experience of the analytics page.


We create a personalized dashboard page that would create a frictionless experience for users to truly understand the progress of their students. The final solution is under an NDA, but feel free to reach out.  


The design gains the approval of the design lead and top managers at the company. An overwhelming of users from testing found the new interface a solid improvement. The interface was passed onto the developers.  

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