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Design Lead


User Research,

Product Thinking,

Visual Design,

Interaction Design




8 weeks

Dexcom aims to help people with diabetes with their continuous glucose monitoring system. This power system leads to an overwhelming amount of data in the hands of the user with not much utility. In 10 weeks, I worked to design a dashboard that gave their users meaningful insights about their diabetes metrics. This won the recognition of their leadership from Dexcom leadership and staff.

The Problem

How can we leverage data to empower Dexcom users by giving them meaningful insights resulting in better diabetes management?


- Conducted 5 user interviews that resulted in insights that led to the content development of the platform.
- Designed a dashboard to help type 1 diabetics manage and analyze their blood glucose levels.
- Conducted multiple user tests to iterate upon prototypes.


Gained approval from the Director of User Experience Design


Gained the approval from a Senior Data Scientist because the potential gain of user data

Got buy-in from ⅘ of the participants

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