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Created a desktop platform for Type 1 Diabetics to review their blood glucose levels.



Dexcom aims to help people with diabetes with their continuous glucose monitoring system. This power system leads to an overwhelming amount of data in the hands of the user with not much utility. In 10 weeks, I worked to design a dashboard that gave their users meaningful insights about their diabetes metrics. This won the recognition of their leadership from Dexcom leadership and staff.


Each Dexcom user creates a data stream but right now it isn’t being parsed and presented in a way that can help create meaning insights, patterns, and recommendations. Currently, the website isn't made to a personalized experience to convey individual data.


The 10 week process included secondary research, user interviews, ideation, wireframing, user-testing, and prototyping.  After doing the necessary research, I realized the complexity of diabetes management and define how I was going to organize my process. After multiple iterations, I was able to create a solution that was widely approved.


We create a personalized interactive dashboard that would empower diabetes to analyze their glucose levels and find actionable insights. The final solution is under an NDA, but feel free to reach out.  


The design gains the approval of the design, product, and data science leadership. An overwhelming of users from testing wanted to signup for the new platform.

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